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    Marijuana Seeds

    Marijuana Seeds are the seed of the plant known worldwide as: Cannabis sativa, hemp, marijuana

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    Marijuana Growing

    In this section you can find all the products and accessories for your marijuana cultivation.

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    Products in this section related to the marijuana world , boat storage, pollen extraction systems, precision scales, drying mesh, vaporizers, skinning machines, pipes, books, dvd and a very discreet boats that allow us to transport the weed discreet

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Lack or excess of nitrogen in the marijuana plant

Lack or excess of nitrogen in the marijuana plant

 This mobile element must be present throughout the life of the plant, from the time of germination to harvesting, but... La entrada Lack or excess of nitrogen in the ...

Excess or lack of potassium in marijuana

Excess or lack of potassium in marijuana

 This mineral is essential for the proper development of our plant and one of those responsible for the quality of... La entrada Excess or lack of potassium in marijuana ...

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    Piensa En Cheese Auto

    Sex: Feminized Autoflowering
    Bank: Bank PEV.
    Genotype: Critical + Auto X Cheese.
    Flowering: 70 days
    Height: 60-135cm
    Production: 40-135gr / plant

    Piensa En Cheese Auto

    Piensa En Cheese Auto | PEV Bank | Autoflowering marijuana seeds.

    from 17,00€

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    Piensa En Critical

    Bank: Bank PEV.
    Types of seed: Feminized.
    Genotype: Critical x Somango
    Mod. Cultivation: Interior / Exterior
    Flowering indoor: 55-60 days.
    HN Outdoor Harvest: End of September
    HS Outdoor Harvest: End of March
    Yield: 350-400 gr / m2.
    THC: 18%
    Interior Height: 80-100 cm
    Exterior Height: 200-250 cm

    Piensa En Critical

    Piensa En Critical | PEV Bank | Feminized marijuana seeds.

    from 3,00€

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    Piensa En Cream Caramel

    Features Piensa En Cream Caramel:

    Bank: Bank PEV
    Phenotype: Indica 90% / 10% sativa.
    THC: 15-20%.
    CBD: 1.6%.
    CBN: 0.6%.
    Production Indoor: 400-550 gr / m2.
    Production Outdoor: 350-600 gr / plant.
    Flowering indoor: 8-9 weeks.
    HN Outdoor Harvest: end of September.
    HS Outdoor Harvest: end of March.

    Piensa En Cream Caramel

    Piensa En Cream Caramel | PEV Bank | Feminized marijuana seeds.

    from 150,00€

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    Bank: Buddha Seeds
    Sex: Feminized auto
    Genotype: Hybrid to three ways x auto.
    Indoor flowering: 75 days.
    Yield m2: 550 – 600 g./m2.
    Yield outdoor: 80- 250 g/plant.
    Flavor/Smell: fresh and spices.
    Effect: Strong and uncontrolled laughter 


    Magnum (Auto) | Buddha Seeds | Autoflowering marijuana Seeds.

    from 6,80€

    (before 8,00€)

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    Northern Lights X White Widow

    Bank: Spanish Seeds
    Sex: Feminized
    Mod.Culture: Interior / Exterior
    Genotype: Northern Lights X White Widow
    Phenotype: Sativa
    Effect: Celebral
    Flowering time: 55-65 days

    Northern Lights X White Widow

    Northern Lights X White Widow | Spanish Seeds | Feminized marijuana seeds.

    from 3,00€

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